Keenan Allen is Mad Online

NFL network continue their countdown of the top 100 players voted on by the players last night resulting in a very angry Keenan Allen of the Los Angeles Chargers. Keenan was placed 77th overall much to his dismay after being placed 36th last season.

This begun a little twitter meltdown on his ranking.

What makes this even better for our entertainment is that he named names of other receivers he thinks he’s better than. Putting names on it, I like it! We all know wide receivers are the drama queens of the NFL and sports in general. Keenan even dropped a child please shout out to one of the best Ochocinco.

Before we deep dive in the numbers Mike Evans has no issue in clapping back at Keenan Allen to remind him whose best. At least Keenan did tag 2 of the 3 players correct.

Talk your game Mike Evans. Shouldn’t care about the ranking but let it be known you don’t think he’s better then you. Gave him a bit even on my level. Some lovely pre camp drama.

Now lets deep dive into Keenans claims with numbers first…

First of all you have to assume most players don’t get to watch every game every week. Outside of defensive players matching up with these receivers they don’t watch a lot of film on all them and there may be some biases. So I assume most look at stats and reputation to help place them.

Keenan has the most receptions of the group and also was the only one to play all 16 games. That being said it’s easy to predict if all of these WRs played all 16 games last year Keenans would easily be the least impressive. You could argue he had the least aerodynamic QB of them all but two did play with interception world champion Jamies Winston.

Tyreek Hill is a highlight machine who also has a role in the return game/rushing game on reverses. Not to mention his team won the Super Bowl last year and he was a key part in the game. Major brownie points.

Last season Keenan Allen has virtually the same statistical season BUT his team made it to the AFC championship game. A huge factor into his 36th ranking and one would have to imagine not making the playoffs this year hurt his player ranking.

I wouldn’t say they got his ranking wrong. He may well be known as the best route runner of the 4 but that’s not everything. If I had to rank them for who I’d want most on my team I’d have to go Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill then Keenan Allen followed with Godwin last. Keenans been more consistent for a longer time then Chris Godwin.

Unfortunately Keenan is behind the 8 ball already this season from the others. Considering his QB is Tyrod Taylor or rookie Justin Herbert, while the later plays with Mahomes and Tom Brady.

Whether it’s media pundits who’ve never strapped a helmet on in their life or former/current players ranking, athletes will get mad and hurt from all of these. Can’t let this get to you and go out there and prove your peers what you think is wrong.


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