Are the Miami Marlins About to Take Down the MLB Season?

We’ve officially hot our first snag in the pro sports start up here in 2020. Came to light that officially 14 members of the organization have tested positive for Covid-19. 12 players and 2 coaches. Looming effects of this is a couple games postponed. The Marlins and Orioles 2 game series down in Miami has been postponed and The Phillies/Yankees game tonight as well in precaution. Phillies just finished a 3 game series with the Marlins.

Well, YIKES. Seems the emergency plan is to just cancel and wait. You have one MLB roster decimated now for at least a couple weeks so on top if all else they need to find some replacement players to call up from a phantom minor league season. The team knew of a couple positive test going into Sunday’s game and still went out and played. This is receiving some criticism even though said positive players didn’t play in Sunday’s game in Philly.

Here is what Marlins CEO and known gift basket giver Derek Jeter had to say in a statement about the outbreak.

Who knows where we go from here other then hoping for the best. Seems the positive test aren’t necessarily sick yet if they do ever feel symptoms. Obviously Florida being a top 5 hot spot in the United States right now makes an easy assumption on where the personal contradicted it. Seems if a league isn’t being played in a bubble right now then there is all sorts of issues we could see. MLS, NBA, NHL All posting 0 positive tests in the last rounds of testing. Hard to do a whole season and get players to agree to a bubble if the MLB wanted to try that right. Just a mess.

This news shifts peoples minds to how the NFL will do this. Trusting Athletes to not partake in highly contagious activities outside of the football field. We can only hope they learn from whatever the fallout is for Baseball. I still think it will be awhile until sports could ever be normal again. Just a mess.


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