Joe Kelly Gives America What We Want!

It may have took us five games but finally somebody is giving the ASStros what they deserve. Not having fans in the crowd and having to wait a few extra months to see the glorified cheaters was tough but now they can’t hide anymore. Baseball’s integrity lord and savior Joe Kelly made sure his messages got across.

First it started with throwing a 3-0 pitch straight to smug face Alex Bregman’s backside.

To Bregman’s credit he took it like a champ and walked to first without any confrontation. Almost like he knows he deserves it.

Then the real fun started. Bregman was just the appetizer. Later on it was fat mouth Carlos Correa’s turn against Kelly. We got another dome hunting inside fastball.

Just poetry in motion. Hope that sounded real nice Correa. Unfortunately for Correa he was able to duck out of the way so he could embarrass himself striking out later in the at bat. Which Kelly had some choice words for Carlos afterwards…

That’s right, nice swing bitch! Three glorious words. Absolutely love it. Take your medicine cheater.

Poor Dusty trying to defend his team in which he has no involvement of the cheating but he’s gotta know. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the fun. Should be more bean balls and crying Astros in the near future.

Honorable mention Alex Bregman made a fool of himself on defense too.

Thank you and good night Houston. Sleep with one eye open boys.


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