Apparently People are Upset About Tua Tagovailoa Saying His Dad Used to Beat Him with A Belt After Bad Games and Grades

Each year we just keep getting softer and softer as a society. First of all I was never beat before but the belt was shown multiple times and it scared the hell out of me. I may have felt once or twice, I’m not sure and don’t really care. Just how Tua clearly didn’t care either. If anything this is proof that it worked. sometimes you have to get bent over and shown the 50 states as punishment. Hes developed in to a strong young man at a prestigious university in Alabama being from Hawaii. Quite a success story if you ask me. Possibly the Heisman winner as he is one of the finalists.

Honestly I probably wouldn’t have slacked as much in school if there was real threats involved. Anyone could take away video games sure but knowing you’re going to get the belt is a whole different thing in your mind. That being said I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the toolbox or the quickest kid on the block. Maybe school and grades it would’ve had a positive effect on me but sports wise no way. I was probably a .230 little league batter but gold glove corner infielder. Unfortunately there isn’t any stats for that. Basketball I played like I had two left legs. Football I literally anchored a team to an undefeated season… mostly because I was the center, anchor of a football team they say.Let parents do their own way of parenting. All family’s and culture have different values and ways to discipline. From what I’ve seen and heard Samoan parents are some of the most harsh and strict ones out there. Hell bent on their children to succeed. Down south as we know from the Adrian Peterson scandal kids have to pick their switch. Funny just recently he said he still spanks his kids. No more switches though. People even get mad at spanking. Crazy times, Watch out for this next generation with all these beta parents out there. Getting a belt once or twice isn’t going to ruin a kid.

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