Tom Brady is the Leagues Newest 1K Yard Rusher.

If you’ve been following Tom Brady on his (hilarious) Instagram you’d know he has been anxiously awaiting this magical day. Tracking how far he was away after each game. Athletes, especially ones like Brady are usually unaware (they say) of certain stats but you know Tom Knew. See his reaction of the first down signal and sigh of relief. After 19 years he has finally eclipsed the thousand yard rushing mark. That is about 52 yards per year he has averaged to hit the mark. Best part about it was it wasn’t one of his sneaks which he is maybe the best ever at. Was on a legitimate scramble for a first down. Poetic.

Tom Brady 579 Rush Attempts 1000 Yards (1.7 YPC)

The funniest part of all this was the game was over when the Pats had the ball back at the end of the game. So of course Tom had to take a knee which would equate in negative yardage. So naturally he took a knee going foward. Luckily no salty Vikings players went chopping at him. 

Makes ya think if he didn’t do so much winning over his career he wouldn’t of had to take so many knees that cost him all the negative yardage over the years. He may have hit the mark 3-5 years ago. As you know sacks don’t count as rushing loss. Sacks are a negative to team passing yards.

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Congrats Tom. Keep that ball and put on the shelf next to the 5 Super Bowl rings!

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