Insane Drew Brees Stat

This stat is insane. Obviously the game has changed quite a bit to where guys now a days pretty much crush passing and receiving records from old teams with ease. But for Drew Brees to be on pace this season for being accountable of 40% of the passing TDs in Saints history is a wow stat. Think about it, that’s 51 years the Saints have been around and Brees has now been apart of 13 of those years. So about 25% of the Saints existence he’s been the Quarterback.

Of course the Saints used to be the “Aints” and lost many games. Even with worlds most famous football dad Archie Manning at the helm they stunk. Archie brought them first glimpses of glory down in the bayou.

Guess it shouldn’t be so surprising since Sean Peyton’s offensive genius and Drew Brees has been amazing for some time now. There really was no prior success before the duo took over.

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