Love Him or Hate Him Stephen A. Smith is the Villain we Need

No analysts likes to come across as a movie star and villain or hero depending on what you root for more then Mr. Stephen A Smith

Not many in the media talk the talk and walk the damn walk, strutting styling and profiling like Stephen A Smith! All time TV character. Not even a real life journalist type characters only, i’m talking with cartoon and fictional characters as well. A well known Cowboys hater or in my opinion Cowboys realists. I mean with all his digs on Romo and Jerry Jones over the years has he ever really been wrong? How bout that one playoff win Dallas? Cowboy fans shouldn’t hate Stephen A how bout you hate your team for giving him all this ammo over the past couple decades. Rocking the black cowboy hat looking like something out of Red Dead Redemption. Stephen A is in his prime right now and we just have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Prime knows. “Ain’t no one do it like he does it”


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