If You Can’t Successfully Recruit Your Own Nephew… Awkward

Yikes for Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt.

ESPN 300 four-star quarterback Max Johnson, the son of former NFL and Florida State quarterback Brad Johnson, made a commitment to LSU on Wednesday.

Richt is one of Max Johnson’s uncles (the brother of Brad Johnson’s wife, Nikki) and until Wednesday was thought to have the inside track on his nephew’s recruitment, dating back to his verbal offer in February 2016 — a few months before Johnson had even entered Oconee County High School in Watkinsville, Georgia.

How awkward is that. Couldn’t successfully recruit his own nephew? I assume they are somewhat close. Holidays may be a bit awkward if these two are at the same table any time soon. Is this more of a bad Look for Richt or just more proof nobody cares about ‘The U” anymore.

I guess it stings a little less considering Max Johnson’s own father and Ex pro QB Brad Johnson who went to FSU which he also tuned down an offer. Just turned his back on both of them. I like the move. Clearly making his own decisions and not caring about any family members feelings. Love his statement he put out which he at least thanked uncle Mark Richt for offering him his first scholarship, how nice. He’ll always remember that coach.

Football wise can LSU get a damn Quarterback finally? I don’t get it. They haven’t had any real talent at the position since JaMarcus Russell outside of I guess Zach Mettenberger. Who had OBJ AND Jarvis Landry to throw to. LSU has had NFL receivers, Running Backs, Defense but couldn’t  seem to capitalize on a QB. Coach O would be the most unlikely QB whisperer ever but why not give it a shot!

Random excuse for throwback: Max’s dad Brad Johnson once completed a TD pass to… HIMSELF

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