NBC’s New “Green Zone” Maybe be the Dumbest Add on Ever

Really? Really NBC? Someone in the company and the higher ups thought this was next level? Absolutely comical. You’ve had the yellow line well welcome to the green zone now! It’s the same shit! Green zone stops at the first down marker just where the yellow line used to be. Telling us only we can see it not the players, well no shit Al the players cant see an imaginary yellow line either. I don’t need to see this extra green on my screen. Obviously if I don’t see them past the marker they haven’t gotten a first down! Of course green is the color they use too, the same as the field.

If whoever thought of this got a raise well let me make my case for the job. Here’s some NFL broadcast add-on’s they could use


Why not wherever the referee throws the flag there’s a poof of fire and smoke when it hits the ground. Like the ref throw a grenade. Then we’ll really get the effect. Also need NBC to Pipe in some bonus sound. These guys are going to war every Sunday anyways.


The only other flag you can throw (which is incredibly dumb this hasn’t been updated) is the red challenge flag. So when Bill Belichick reaches into his sock and tosses the little beanie why not have the screen flash red and a siren alarm go off? Really livens up the broadcast and extends the importance of a challenge!

Line of possession

Here we go this one is right there with the first down marker. A live line going sideline to sideline following the ball and darken what’s behind it. So when a lateral is done we can tell if it’s going backwards or illegal forward pass huh? Would save the referees plenty of time on replays. The Music City Miracle would’ve never happened.

Who’s MIKE?

You know how the Quarterback is always yelling MIKE and pointing at a defensive player? Well why not make the defensive player that is this MIKE character glow pre-play so we know who he is pointing at.  This MIKE guy seems very important we should know which player it is!

Red Zone

The red zone is famously known to be from inside the 20 yard line to the end zone. Well NBC do I have an A+ idea for you! Lets Go ahead and just like your green zone highlight that entire area in red so we know their in the red zone! Huh? Can’t stop at green zone now! Then we’ll really understand how important each play cause nothing means emergency more than the color red.

Injured Player

Now when a player gets injured just put a hospital cross above him while he lays down on the field. Or even better make it like the old Madden and have a animated ambulance drive onto the field hit some players as it gets to the injured one.

Punt/Kicking Stats

Similar to what baseball does now with the post hitting stats where it drops in bat speed/exit velocity and all that, we can add this too kicking. When the Punter kicks or a kicker on a field goal let’s live track the balls speed, apex height, and angle degree its dropping at. Make us use some math we got taught for no reason back in grade school.


What do you think NBC?! Some pretty good ideas I must say!


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