Manu Ginoboli has Retired

End of an era today in San Antonio. The final part of the main core of the Spurs dominance over the past 15 years left on the team is no longer. Apart of 4 championship runs and always having a key role in each of them. One of the best 6th men to ever take the role. Manu was always an all-time fan favorite not just locally in the city of the River Walk but nationally and even globally.

Ginoboli had some very memorable moments.

Batman Ginoboli

Find another man in the association the would’ve swiped down that bat out of hell. Manu fears none and as gritty as it gets.

There was a less popular part 2 where Manu stayed away this time and let the professionals handle it.


Shoe Exploded

When his shoe just disintegated on him in game.


Circus Shots

Along with Dwayne Wade i cant think of another more acrobatic shot maker than Ginoboli. Had a knack for the dramatics.


Revolutionized the Euro-Step

Made the Euro-Step mainstream in the NBA.


Accidentally Made a Free Throw

Laugh out loud moment here. Late game down 3 with 2 seconds left. Trying to miss for an offensive rebound opportunity and one of the best free throw shooters of all time (82%) just couldn’t help himself by accident of course.


Nut Shot/Testicle Surgery

Unfortunately for our boy he had to miss about a month of action in his career because his sac ripped open and needed emergency surgery. As a man that is no laughing matter but… we can have some fun with it. Here’s an unrelated nut shot from Ray Allen in the finals followed by him recapping his injury.


Funny Story Telling

One of the best at telling great Popovich stories.


Prank Puller

Always had fun on the sidelines pulling pranks on teammates especially Tim Duncan.


Charles Barkley’s love for yelling his name

This one may hurt the most. I crack up every time he does it. A beautiful admiration.


Top Plays

Finally lets send him off with the top plays of his legendary career. Thank You Manu!


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