Mike Tyson comes out of Retirement to Fight Roy Jones Jr.

We’ve seen Iron Mike working out a lot lately so one could’ve anticipated this news coming soon.

Now it’s official the 54 year old Mike Tyson will fight the 51 year old Roy Jones Jr on September 12th in an 8 round exhibition bout. The fight will take place in LA and must assume at this point won’t be any fans in attendance.

Reaction seems to be more excited then not but really do we want to see this? Am I going to watch if I can? Absolutely. Will I probably feel dirty after as if I wasted my time? Most likely. Sure they may both be going hard and in great shape but they retired for a reason. Is Mike going through a mid-life crisis? Do we really want to see two grandpa’s fighting? Now Roy Jones Jr. has fought as recent as 2018 and has won his last 4 fights against mostly nobodies.

Fun fact: Roy Jones Jr. has a duel citizenship with Russia and is a huge Putin guy.

Also it’s being reported the under-card will feature MMA vs. Boxing fights. No names yet but an interesting twist to the under-card. Will it also be old legends from each because that would be awesome. Let’s go all in with this grandpa fighting league theme and get Chuck Lidell Vs. Butterbean for the under-card.

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