Seminole High School Baseball coach Fired for the Softest Reason Ever

Just unbelievable. Coaches can be fired now for cursing? Is that what High School sports has come to? How sad. Coach Kenne Brown’s first year with the team goes on a profanity laced victory speech on the team bus after winning the state title only for it to pop up online several months later and now he’s fired.

Who hasn’t heard their high school coach curse? As far as I know this isn’t some Catholic school where this would be frowned upon. Did a parent complain? I’d go out on a limb and say 99% of coaches curse. Sit and watch any practice we would lose youth coaches nationwide. I would bet none of the players nor parents thought he should be fired! Another case of the internet and cell phones taking down someone for something from the past.

Superintendent Walt Griffin wrote Brown a letter reading: “I am appalled with and extremely concerned about the abundance of profanity that you used with the students that you are responsible for supervising and leading.”

Walt Griffin- Superintendent of Cursing

Walt Griffin is quite triggered by a couple F-words. This means Coach Brown is a bad leader? Newsflash Walt he was probably saying those no-no words all season. These poor high school boys should be sent to a Russian style mind control rehab for cursing. How will they ever recover!? Bet Walt never swung a bat in his life other then his own because he probably doesn’t get any, anymore. Must be a real fun guy at parties. His twitter account is currently private. Tucking in his tail and can’t face the noise! But wait it gets better…

The letter from Walt goes on to say: “Additionally I am likewise concerned that you announced the personal health information of one of your baseball players that was on the bus when you went on the above profanity-ridden tirade.”

In the speech he shouted out his starting pitcher who has diabetes. Pretty sure the team knew of this condition and the coach was so proud it only added to this feat. Acted like it was announced to the world on purpose… He was being recorded and didn’t know.

Made me think of an American Icon

Image result for diabeetus man
Diabetes man

I remember the first time I heard the F-word. I was 8 years old and was at a Giants watch party for the Giants Vs Ravens in Super bowl XXXV. Giants were getting smoked guy stood up and yelled “FUCK!” Immedietaly apologized to my dad and I. I asked my father “Why did he say sorry?” Don’t say sorry coach!


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