Deandre Jordan Has a Better Free Throw Percentage Then…


Had no clue Deandre was sinking 74% of his free throws. Better than Westbrook and Lebron this deep into the season?! Could ask 99% of NBA fans who is shooting the best of the 3 and they would get the answer wrong. 

We knew Lebron has been sub par this year even though he made it a preseason goal to make 80% of them this season. You’d think the all to greats like King James would be able to make at least 80% of them but still he struggles.

Westbrook shooting only 60% really makes your jaw drop. What happen to Russ?! He has been banged up and struggling so far this year but that really shows an issue. Goes from 84 in 16-17 to 72 in 17-18 to of course now 60 so far this year.

Still a lot of season left so I’d assume this would change. Russell certainly won’t be in the 60s come April. Hopefully Deandre can keep it up. Maybe he just needed to get out of LA go make some free throws finally.


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