As champ I am in power to put all in their place. I think kept it PG-13. Funny, dumb and antagonizing. Enjoy losers!

Cut the crap!
The commish is back with the sound of a cap
Bad ass attack on this league of whack
Y’all came with that bull shit chat, that you could dethrone the sultan of Shenandoah (oh snap!)

Your nightmares are reality now, crying with wedgies up your cracks.
No allegations this time you pussy cats.
Won fair and square and that’s a fact!

But this dream has just begun, I’m coming at you like the the rising sun.
Better put your pubic hairs in a man bun.
Cause this is gonna hurt and won’t be fun for you fantasy bums!

Richard ya better get Nutella spread on your buns, cause I’m coming with a gun the size of Charlie’s dick sucking tongue!
Don’t worry after I destroy you, I’ll feed you some tums.

Your far from the chosen one and ya team was no fun. Last place is lonely and I feel bad for you son.

You graduated law school you ain’t no fool. But you too loyal to Tom Brady and his 41 year old tools.

You ate no Cheetos while on keto. But your team finished the year looking like some pedos
stuck in a school zone Flying a drone trying to scope out some freshman girls to bone. (I’m a freshman tooooo)

Jermaine now it’s your turn to get fried in the flames. Call me the Colonel cause I’m roasting you a rotisserie chicken of shame.
All I see is Excuses around your team photo frame.
Should’ve known that your favorite fat Jew would come play near Christmas Day but it was too late cause your period already happened anyway.

Your were so close but so far away. 
The only bye week you deserve is not having to see anymore pics of Anne, especially the when she’s holding up her cold hands. 
What can Brown do for you? Just bring you a package of coal in the shape of RiRy’s favorite dildos. Enjoy stuffing them in every hole ho ho ho

Nose goes next and I’m talking about little Cindy from whoville. Your tried to steal our league like cruela devile. We ain’t your Dalmatians, beating us all was just part of your imagination

Thankfully Vic left you in the dust like Hillary so we don’t have to put of with your pilotry. You got engaged during the season. Hope the ring was big enough for the reason. I have a ring that says love that was dropped of by some doves. Cant wait for a dorky stork brings you a baby soon after marriage cause when that kid grows up I’ll make sure it stays put in a fantasy carriage.
Your wedding next year is this same week. So fitting of you to plan my back 2 back championship party a year in advance. I’ll be going solo for the first dance.

George you ain’t curious no more your team is just poor.

Took ya awhile but eventually you got de-masked and caught with your pants unzipped in a fat girls ass.

Not gonna lie you had me scared but I dared your team and they played less than fair. 93 points in an elimination game? Brianna could’ve set a better lineup and saved her daddy some shame.

It’s holiday season so I’ll try not to blame but maybe if you weren’t so busy on J-swipe, tinder, okcuid, plenty of fish, and bumble… well wait, that was the insult and this verse is lame.

Little red victor hood its was our turn to play and I’m the big bad wolf not your grandma today.
Good thing Phillip Lindsey switched his name around and played like a girl or I was gonna hurl.
You were the best of the worst and now your in the group that will be coerced!
That Florida skin is getting thin! You better snap into a slim Jim. I’ll bring you a bottle of Gin so maybe you’ll have the courage to move here then.

It feels damn good to be on top of the hill looking down at you girls. A few of y’all got cleavage even though you don’t mean it.
I’ll shower you with some pills to cope with the kill.

This is my empire and you bitches are my squires. Start me a fire at my desire. Id like y’all to sing as my choir.
This kingdom is mine and now it’s time for all of you to walk my line.

I’ve been wearing my elf shorts thru this whole act. Don’t ask if I’m on crack, this is just how champions act.

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