Miami Miracle Falls on Belichick

What a finish in Miami. You NEVER see this happen. Occasional we get the casual hook and ladder, most perfectly ran by Boise State back in the Fiesta Bowl vs Oklahoma. But multiple laterals where you need a touch down to win it all you’d have to go back to the Music City Miracle. 

This is on Bill Belichick at the end of the day. No reason for Gronk to be in back at safety on a non hail mary play. No way were the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill able to throw it 70 yards to the end zone. Only JaMarcus Russell on his knees coukd do thst of course. So why Bill put Gronk back there. He looked slow as he stumbled after Kenyan Drake as sped to the end zone for the win. Can’t blame Gronk hes just there to be big and bat the ball away. 

Most certainly this loss cost the Patriots a shot at the Home Field advantage thru the post season, especially with the Chiefs winning in OT today. pats haven’t had to go on the road in recent years to get to the Super Bowl. So the road will most certainly be more difficult this year.

Also we love to go with miracle on all these. Maybe we can get more creative one day. Also alliteration is a huge hit for these names.


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