Oh No Stephen A!

Well our boy Stephen A Smith has a rough morning and Twitter is now letting him have it. There was one blaring mistake in his morning analysis on tonight huge AFC West showdown.

I mean YIKES Stephen A. Both players haven’t played a down all season for either team. Hunter Henry went down for the year back in the summer mini camps and Derrick Johnson was on the Raiders until he got cut back in October. The cringe and wonder in Teddy Bruschi and Max Kellermen’s face says it all. Surprised neither jumped in right away to help their drowning Co-Star.

I can see getting one name wrong sometimes and you meant to say the back up on there now but a double whammy here for Stephen A. Chargers social media team let him have it.

On Twitter he was quick to make excuses. Doing thousands of things at once. Also A+ move by Smith to plug in his social media gif/meme hit Stay offff theee weeeeeeeddd.

That’s diversion 101 right there ladies and gentlemen. It’s like when your bombing at a performance and you just change the songs to the song along hits like Don’t stop believing and sweet Caroline.

At least he wasn’t falling asleep on camera this time! Just last week this happened!


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