Dana White Announces Arrests Made After Khabib/McGregor Post Fight Chaos

UPDATE: In post fight presser Dana White announced Conor McGregor has decided not to pr as charges against the “Khabib three” and they have been released from jail.

Had to expect at least the idiot in red that jumped Conor in the ring had to be put in the slammer. The other two it should be interesting to see who they were and what involvement they had. Possibly even Khabib facing charges down the road. Which would bring this full circle since the tipping point in getting this match made was Conor throwing the dolly at a UFC bus.

Don’t get me wrong chaos is awesome but what we saw tonight wasn’t right. Dana’s tone after the fight you can tell he sees this as a black eye for the UFC. Really ruined a great night of fights and an amazing performance by Khabib. Personally I think he should be suspended and stripped of his title. Would love to see if the Nevada State Athletic Commission does anything to him in wake of his despicable actions. What a joke.

Wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch but clearly tension may be too much to even consider that now. There was no foolery or hype in the hatred between both parties. It was real… very real.


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