Ayton Finally Gets his Welcome to the NBA Moment

Hilarious to watch number one overall pick Deandre Ayton talk about his experience going up against the monster that is Boban for the first time.

He was completely flustered and had no clue what to do offensively. Can’t back him down and couldn’t do his hook shoot he uses so well. Defensively Ayton had 5 fouls and looked lost trying to cover him. A real welcome to the league moment for Deandre. Of course Boban makes any NBA player look like an average human or an average human like a dwarf next to him. Seeing how he makes a strong and built 7 footer like Ayton just want to take his ball and go home is insane.

Side note, rough couple games in a row for Ayton considering this happened to him just the day before…

I don’t understand why Boban hasn’t played more throughout his career. He seems to be always effective. Crazy highlights of him are all over, even just dunking on his tippey toes it seems. His numbers are good and not getting overpaid either. I guess being that tall he just doesn’t have the stamina to play more than 15-20 minutes a game I suppose.

Here is a couple of photos and clips showing the giant of Boban.




Guy like Boban always brings up the age old question. Would you rather be really tall like of freakish nature or say 5 feet? Of course assuming your tall but can’t make the NBA.


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