It’s August and I’m Tired of Duke Basketball Already

Why am I seeing College Basketball highlights in MID-AUGUST. I mean what the hell ESPN. I don’t give a damn about this high powered Duke team with all these amazing recruits playing against fake division none colleges in Canada. Wow Zion Williamson made a fancy lay up over a guy whose going to be a Mountie when hes out of school. Whoopty doo. That’s cute RJ Barrett had a nice pass over a kid that would be one of the white boys bringing up team GPA on any Division 1 school. As far as my memory goes we’ve never had to see NCAA basketball highlights this early. Let football season start first my God. No one even cares about college ball until the Super Bowl is over anyway. Unless you live here in Vegas. There’s money and bets to be made come October.

If there was any hope id like these kids its will all be gone soon now. Youtube, ESPN wherever I turn I keep running into these meaningless highlights. The transformation of Duke basketball has been insane. From everyone hating them back in the JJ Reddick days or even before that in the Uncle Tom Grant Hill days. Now everyone loves them since Coach K sold out and got young and flashy one and done guys. They better have a new asshole to hate since Grayson Allen finished the 8 year scholarship last year. Isnt that crazy he played with Jahlil Okafer and won a title. Okafer been an NBA after thought for years now. We’ll see how these current kids turn out but i’m not getting any excitement from fake August highlights.


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