Is ESPN Advocating for Childhood Obesity with LLWS Star “Big Al”?

I was in love with Alfred Delia aka “Big Al” as much as the next man last week when he took center stage in the Little League World Series regional finals. Little chunky 12 year old that has pride and mic skills of a showmen who wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon. But I have issues now.

First of all sure Big Al went viral and was the most social media stand out of the tournament so far. Sadly ESPN is making Big Al the next Tebow, Manziel and whatever other athletes they make people have disdain for the over coverage. Just look at how they rolled out the red carpet for him.

Now I’m not turning on Big Al, its not his fault. ESPN is to blame. First of all were supporting failure. This is the continued wussification of sports. His team was ELIMINATED last week. I can see if he was still in there because people will turn in to his at bats for all the dingers. We have a case of participation awards 101 going on here. The continued coverage of the losers and story-lines over the winners that grind is an abomination.


Now on to the meat of my gripe, literally. Michelle Obama didn’t serve 8 years in office fighting her main cause of childhood obesity to let ESPN and our boy rain her parade. Big Al is only a star cause he’s a fat kid. Fat kids are hilarious anything they say or do other than eating food people yuck it up. His rise to stardom has kids watching and wanting to be fat and funny. If Al was a regular sized teen no one would give a damn that hes cocky and rakes. Listen up kids its not right. We want you to be healthy. Hitting dingers, eating greasy burgers and getting ice cream all over your face will get you famous but will also get you diabetes and a slot on “my 600 pound life”. Stardom drops fast and weight does not. I pray to God wherever Big Al plays next year they better do Indian style running. Pray for Big Al.

Unrelated by why do they always wait until school is starting for when these kids play in Pennsylvania? ESPN dictates when it happens and clearly they don’t care about education!


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