Reported Maroon 5 to play Super Bowl 53 Halftime Show

So it seems as if Maroon 5 have been pegged as this years Super Bowl halftime performers. Not really a band that moves the needle or sparks any interest in my opinion. I guess they still make hits? Feel like I haven’t heard about them in a few years. I suppose Adam Levine’s looks could spark some interest from the females to watch. Im not sure how much that really affects the number. Like I’ve been at parties and the girls are like “oh just let me know when halftime is so I can watch” but I don’t think there’s people alone at home ending up watching most the game due to halftime being their super bowl. Back to Adam Levine and maybe it’s just me but he doesn’t come across as a sleeve tats guy. Not his brand. Your in a pop band with a high ass voice, calm down on the tattoos.

Now people are going to bark about how it’s in Atlanta and there’s so much ATL talent to choose from. Which is true. Georgia has produced plenty of talented musicians wether it be hip hop or country. This is a model I thought the NFL should’ve followed but if you look in the past they never do it sadly.

XLVIII NY/NJ halftime show: Bruno Mars/RHCP

XLIX Phoenix halftime show:

Katy Perry/Missy Elliot

SB 50 San Fran halftime show:


LI Houston halftime show:

Lady Gaga

LII Minnesota halftime show

Justin Timberlake

Could’ve had so many hometown performers. NJ/NY oh I don’t know maybe Bon Jovi or Jay Z? Arizona has no one of relevancy that reps the AZ so a random act was fine there. San Francisco hmm maybe a little hometown band called Metallica? Houston has developed many country artist or even Beyonce who was born there. Then finally last year they pumped in some Prince but with the dismay of a few cause Justin Timberlake and Prince had some beef I guess.

So I’m not sure why people are mad they didn’t go with a local hip hop act. Could’ve told you that wasn’t happening. Has nothing to do with race the genre.


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