Nebraska Currently NOT Renewing Tickets for Saturdays Cancelled Game

SOURCENo refunds will be issued for game tickets, many of which were sold on the secondary market for well above face value as the scheduled opener was to mark the anticipated coaching debut at Nebraska of Scott Frost.

Screenshot 2018-09-04 14.39.48

This just isn’t right at all. Was practically a full house on Saturday filled with fans with the most excitement since the Bo Pelini days. Not only cause it was the season opener but also with it being the debut of new Coach and former player Scott Frost. Frost lead UCF to an undefeated season last year. They should be excited only took 3 seasons for him to take them from winless to undefeated. The Huskers have been down for a while now. Not having much contention since joining the Big Ten.

So on this day of joy and a new hope some unfortunate harsh Mid-West thunder storms rolled through. Numerous games cancelled throughout the area so that wasn’t a surprise. Not much you can do when lightning is striking right by the stadium. The Student section was living it up though.

Now the students don’t pay so we wont feel bad for them but the tens of thousands of others do so where’s the remorse? The Huskers didn’t have to pay Akron that paycheck for coming to play since it was cancelled. So why not pay the fans back? They may try to make it up at the end of the season but that’s no guarantee and won’t be as exciting then. These tickets were going for double and triple the original price cause of Frost and opening game. So even if they can go for free come week 14 it probably won’t mean much. I work in the show business and box office industry. If a show was cancelled and we didn’t refund ASAP… oh boy there would be murders. People are INSANE.

I’m sure they will be suits possibly. Or report to credit companies for fraud cause that’s what we have here. But hey still got drunk at the tailgate though! Am I right?


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