ESPN Open to More Berman

NY Post- ESPN is in talks with Chris Berman about an expanded role for this NFL season, sources have told The Post. There is no deal yet, but there is interest on both sides. While the move would not be for a full-time position, sources said the possibility of Berman contributing more to or even hosting some Sunday night “SportsCenter”s has been broached. There is a hope that Berman could work a quarter of the NFL season, according to sources. ESPN would want Berman for more, but in semi-retirement, Berman already has made plans for some weekends, and so that is likely unfeasible — at least for this year.

Lord knows we need Berman back. I haven’t paid attention to ESPN’s coverage since he left and neither has a lot of consumers. Last years ratings fell by 12%. The Berman factor is real wont matter before or after Boom brings ratings. Nothing brings me back to my childhood then hearing the old prime time music. I’ll run through a damn wall to that tune. Also when i saw this headline I just wanted an excuse to put in some all time Berman videos .
Unfortunately Boom had some tragedy last year when his wife unfortunately passed away suddenly in an accident. In his retirement without his wife now could give him some thoughts on accepting more ESPN roles.

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