Dan Orlovsky: Blame it on the Blue Cheese

Over the years we have had our fair shares of “is that a fart?” on TV broadcasts but last night on Monday Night Football might’ve been the most loudest ones of all. Dan Orlovsky making his MNF broadcasting debut since it was a double header on ESPN the extra crew was needed. While breaking down the pre-game analysis Orlovsky had an epic sneeze+fart combo that couldn’t be missed… unless he didn’t.

After further investigation I believe this to be just a sound from his mouth. After the sneeze and losing g place where he was in his dialogue on Josh Allen a simple fart noise from the mouth signifying that he lost his place is the answer here. if you listen to it again and again it’s way to clean and obvious to be a real fart. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Now Orlovsky played into it blaming the blue cheese because if you’re in Buffalo you’ll certainly get some wings while up there. So clearly he had fun with it but it’s hard for me to believe that was a real fart we heard. The power of the internet.


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