Doc Rivers is Twitter’s Latest Victim

One of the NBA’s most overrated coaches was caught being horny online last night by the people of Twitter. Now, every time this happens you have to weigh the hack factor as that is the most common excuse, so let’s look at the evidence for Doc.

YIKES. My hack meter is very low, I am putting this at 0% chance of hack. The reason for that is these likes are spread out over a several-week period. No one is going to quietly hack an account for some random likes over time, would be the biggest waste of a hack. So our guy Doc got lost on Twitter maybe accidentley hit the like button a couple times on some naughty stuff, or he maybe thought he was on his porn burner account and sometimes you just get too horny your mind kinda spaces out and locks in on the target.

Now the targets here are what really spices it up. If it was all just everyday porn stuff well who cares? We all take it in one way or another. But Doc here well, he has an elaborate taste it seems. Diving into some Femboy and trans fun along with the standard phat-ass white girl stuff that we know he loves. A bit awkward (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but jeez that is some kinky stuff Doc. Clearly spent too much time with Dwight Howard a couple seasons ago. Maybe he likes to be punished every time he blows a series in the playoffs with an incredibly talented team? I would have to say one of the biggest fears for a man is his internet search history being made public to people, it’s not pretty.

The best way for Doc to wiggle out of this one is to never speak of it. No need to lie about a hacking or comment on it. No media member will ask him about this and Twitter is a fake world that just isn’t real life. So just sweep this under the rug Doc. Maybe Austin Rivers or Seth Curry stole his phone, a couple scapegoats for him to blame if he did go down that route.

But before this is over Twitter had it’s fun for the night with it so lets take in some of the Doc burns and just pray he learned his lesson!

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