Stop Crying Saints Fans

I’m over this story once and for all. Shit happens Saints fans and its been happening for the entire time footballs been around, sports in general for that matter. Really trying to sue for damages caused to ticket holders and fans? Embarrassing.

No one lucking out more than Sean Payton from all this. Had poor clock management in that final regulation drive. I don’t mind going for the kill shot and trying to get 7 or another first down to seal the game essentially. Throwing on first down though was not the right call. Make them burn all the timeouts then maybe throw on 3rd like they ended up doing. Also had multiple opportunities to stop them just one time. Then got the ball first in overtime and punted. Giving the Rams the opportunity to just kick a field goal to end it. So where in Kansas City all the complaining on how Mahomes never had a shot in OT well they both had one in New Orleans.

Drew Brees also getting a hard pass. Hes been a shell of himself since the Cowboys game. Finally looking like a 40 year old father playing football. Just 7 Touchdowns and 5 interceptions since that game. Yards per attempt the lowest of all post season Quarterbacks. Older QB’s just like pitchers in baseball when they get up there all of their arms start dying in the end of the year. Unless your Tom Brady of course. Maybe Drew needs to get on the TB12 diet and give Alex Guerrero a call. Furthermore the Saints are in a tough spot here. I still don’t get why they traded a 3rd round pick for Teddy Bridgewater this preseason. The media hasn’t really slammed them much for this either. Unless Brees retires and the Saints truly believe in teddy resulting in them to resign him it would make sense. If Brees does come back as expected well Teddy would be walking. Not going keep waiting around. Plus Taysom Hill had a prettier deep ball than Drew Brees in the playoffs.

Back to the BS as a Giants fan one glaring memory comes to mind of a blown call. You could even argue it was more of a pass interference then what happened last Sunday in N’awlins. A botched field goal so the Giants had to scramble and Rich Seubert pulled down while trying to catch the ball. BLATANT as it gets. let the tape do the speaking.

Side note 3 seconds funny image with someone on their knees in front of Strahan.

See Saints fans? been happening for years. In this case was even more game deciding. Giants didn’t have another shot after this play. game was over.

So respectfully from Giants fans specifically… SHUT UP


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