Hey UCF Stop Being Fake and Man Up!

In Dan Mullen’s press conference today he shed some light on out of conference scheduling and called out the self proclaimed reigning champs UCF.

So a 2 for 1 is a home and home series in three consecutive seasons. So Florida gets 2 home games and UCF would get one. Hard not for Mullen to sound cocky but its the truth. To play not only a premier SEC school but the premier program in your state is huge. To be able to host them as well is another big plus. If they had a match-up of sorts this year and was impressive on home or road then maybe they could have snuck into the playoff. 

UCF likes to boast and pretend that their the top dogs in the sunshine state… well your not and NEVER will be. I’m sure half your students couldn’t even name the fake made up conference you joined a couple years ago. You have a “rivalry” game with UCONN! Not basketball but football UCONN. Just embarrassing to be honest. As long as they keep playing no one they don’t deserve to break the playoff rankings. Your bi-yearly instate opponents are FAU and FIU. If Florida is inquiring to do a deal with you then you take it. The fact that it seems their “mulling” it over is hysterical. 

Another weird thing with UCF is their alleged hardest out of conference schedule games seem to randomly get cancelled the past 2 seasons. This year even though North Carolina was the bottom of the ACC the game was cancelled due to a hurricane and never made back up. Last season they had Georgia Tech scheduled but it was also cancelled. tech was average at best last season but still would’ve been something. Seems pretty lucky in my opinion.

I believe the reason for all the cupcake out of conference schedule games is college football schedules are made about 3-4 years in advance. So what your seeing now with UCF is the teams they booked to play when they were 0-12 a back in 2015. Clearly they want a chance at some W’s and weren’t thinking they’d be playoff contenders. So I cant blame them fully for that. But now you cant talk unless you request the best. 

In 2019 UCF’s out of conference is Home games vs Florida A&M and Stanford with road games at Pitt and FAU. Stanford would be the marquee game even though they had a bad 2018. Pitt weaseled their way to the CC title game vs Clemson after a very weak ACC season.

UCF did lose their starting QB to a nasty leg injury a couple weeks ago so that would just add another annoying cry from the UCF faithful. I could here it now, oh we would’ve beat Bama or whoever if Milton wasn’t out blah blah blah. You mad your bed now lie in it. Good luck against LSU lets see if they could do it 2 years in a row.


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