MJ goes Bobby Knight on Malik Monk

Just one GOAT mirroring another GOAT. The Hornets hit a shot to go up near the end of the game but there was still time left in regulation. Malik Monk ran off the bench in celebration unaware of the situation. MJ was not too pleased with the second year player and went in for the head swipe… twice!

First here is the footage as you see Monk run on to the court. Only .3 left but gave them a technical and a miracle opportunity.

Mad MJ goes in for the kill swipe.

Hilarious that Monk unknowingly moved the first time and caused MJ to miss. Michael didn’t have to think twice next time Monk was in range he let him know who daddy is. Just a dismissive bop to the head a disappointed and let down father would do.

Of course if this was to be a college coach doing it to a kid the PC police would be all over it. MJ just using 1/4 of what Bobby Knight would do back in the day at Indiana and Texas Tech. There’d be now way in 2018 Bobby Knight could coach anymore. Can only imagine what the social media firestorms would be like.


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