Gambler wins 85K off 5$ bet

No stories I come across that make me more jealous than big payouts on bets that someone hits. Makes me more sad than someone banging a girl I’ve been chasing for over a year. Just the blue feeling of not being them. Give me a crazy bet over a lotto win every time. Both are technically considered luck but I respect the skill in gambling. Unless it’s someone who picks which team based off mascots, colors or whose got the hotter quarterback in the game. Those types need to get lost. Make a mockery of something that’s taken so serious.

Now I’ve been in this William Hill 16 games circus multiple times before. Sometimes I look at it have my 5$ ready to poss away and just don’t do it cause it just looks so impossible. Nice to know it’s real and someone actually wins it. Now I did say I’m jealous but I do root for the common man. We’re all on the same side going against the books. At the end of the day the public will never win enough to ruin all the sports books. Impossible. Sure sometimes and mainly with fights the oddsmakers and casino owners sweat out cause if the underdog wins they’ll get hammered. If McGregor somehow beat Mayweather it would’ve crippled em. But it never happens.

Unfortunately I have a nightmare experience and story of getting screwed on a big parlay last season. Was the first time I started doing it. Parlay card, 10 teams spread/over unders payout 600-1. Now I do it weekly throwing just a 5 at it like the first time. So 5$ for 3K.

The setting week 13.


9 of 10 heartbreaking. You may look and say hey at least it wasn’t the last game so you weren’t strung along the whole time. That is a lie. Missing one will hurt every damn time. It wasn’t just a normal one miss. It’s the way it happened that let me know the rest would hit. Texans owe me 3K in my mind. Was 3rd down with under a minute left. After a Tom Savage INT in the end zone trying to take the lead it gave the ball back to the Titans. No timeouts left they just needed 1 stop to possibly get the ball back. The Titans break an unwritten rule in my mind and go toss play on a goal line defense! You NEVER see that. The main reason being it’s a high risk play. That toss can go array and turn into a fumble and screw you over. But nope all executed perfectly and Derrick Henry sprinted 75 yards to the end zone untouched and unharmed.

I fell to the floor as it happen. Already counted the game as a win. Even though there was still 4 games left on the ticket my destiny was already fulfilled. I should’ve raced over and bet all I had on the 4 games left. Lock of the century.

The feeling of walking into the sports book strutting like Vince McMahon would’ve been the best feeling of my life. Nothing could top it not even when I lost my virginity to a porn star. Slap the ticket down get handed 30 Benny Franklins?! My highest payout has only been 220 on some baseball games. Still hurts every time I think about it. Not until I get revenge. Which a guarantee I will hit a10 teamer this year. Mark my words. Calling my shot like Babe Ruth. But until then my wallet will be weeping.

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