Dwyane Wade is Officially BACK

Best news of the day and news that I’ve personally been waiting on for months now. A fraction of fear that Dwayne Wade would take the alleged cash and go to China. Wade dropped this dramatically long video explaining his decision for playing one more year.

Wade may be my favorite athlete of all time, including all my favorite Giants. Not to sound like a fan boy but we both were born on the same day (Jan 17th). He’s been nothing but a stellar citizen and has done so much stuff for South Florida. Udonis Haslem (who also announced his return this week) and Wade both riding for one more time makes me so happy. It was so weird the waste of a year he played in Chicago and then that gross half year with Bron in Cleveland last year. Most likely last year for both but the heat can contend for sure. With this new look east they can go as far as the Eastern Conference Finals to meet the Celtics.

Feel like many people have forgot the greatness of Wade since his been considered old and washed up for years now. It was always speculated it would be hard for him to transfer his type of game when he got over 30 but he’s still been the father prime we know and love. He always has tricks in his bag and you never know when he’ll pull it out on you.

To one more year!


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