Cocky Fitzpatrick is my Favorite Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick continues his onslaught on the league. Leading his team through the land like a great colonial general with that 1800s beard. No matter where he goes somehow he eventually ends up starting for that team. Has a few good games to start and people think he is the guy then it all comes crashing down on him. It’s hilarious but I always root for FitzMagic. He’s an interesting figure and very blog worthy. Went to Harvard you know?! Crazy right?!

He’s been the cockiest version of himself than I’ve ever seen.

The pregame beard rubbing.

I guess he had his post-game outfit ready and knew he was going to ball out again today because it’s cocky as hell. Walking around like a sex icon. Don’t get pregnant from this blog ladies.

UPDATE: He borrowed Desean’s Jackson’s post-game outfit for the press conference and some funny locker room pics. Hilarious move. Good luck getting your spot back Jameis Winston

Conor McGregor esque. Respect the Fitzpatrick. Keep this hot run alive!


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