Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought is a short post but an important one.

What is wrong with today’s society and its obsession with their phones? Every where people go they HAVE TO be on their phone to record, snap, insta, or whatever the new media trend is. Instead of living in the present people are living via their phones trying to capture the moment instead of living it. When I go out to dinner I see people on their phone pounding away on the screen while the person across the table is doing the same thing. Why even go out to eat with another person if you aren’t even going to interact with them? It doesn’t make any sense.

2 ppl on phones

We have turned into a world of zombies linked to our phones like life support. Everywhere we go the phone must come along to. People are suffering from depression and reports of feeling lonely. Part of this comes from the fact that people are seeing only posts of other people’s best moment’s of life. The vacations, the trips, the new cars, new [insert item here]. It seems like everyone on social media is having a wonderful and amazing life while the average person looks at that and feels they aren’t exciting, cool, or successful. So the average person feels depressed or lonely. One of the more popular hashtags is, “living my best life”. Your best life is on social media. Your best life is out in the real world.

After you read this put down your phone, go outside, and enjoy the real world. I promise you there is a so much out there you can do that are better than scrolling through posts by people you hardly even know or have lost touch with.

stop insta




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