Eminem vs. MGK

Being a music lover and self proclaimed rap aficionado, I can’t help but notice this new beef in the rap game. If you haven’t heard, Eminem came out with a new album titled, “Kamikaze”. On it, he made “Not Alike”, which was a diss against Machine Gun Kelly(MGK). Not one to be hit and not return fire MGK came out with “Rap Devil”, a play on Eminem’s “Rap God”. “Rap Devil” talks about Eminem being old, rich, and then brings Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, into the mix. Once Eminem heard “Rap Devil” he came out with a career ending song for MGK called “Killshot”. This song fires back at MGK and puts him in the ground. The last person that Eminem took a shot at stopped rapping because his career was over. Does anyone remember Ja Rule? Didn’t think so because the last album he put out was in 2012 and there weren’t any good songs on it.


Eminem is a great rapper who took shots at what seems like all the white rappers who are putting out music. To think that the best rap album went to Logic last year is crazy because his music is softer than summer snow. Eminem comes from a tough background. We’ve all seen 8 Mile so I don’t have to explain what growing up in a trailer park in Detroit can do to shape a person. The rap game is garbage today because all we have are mumble rappers and Drake, who everyone loves for whatever reason. Drake doesn’t rap he sings like a pretty boy and tries to slide into celebrities’ DM’s and still gets rejected.


Speaking of pretty boys, MGK is so damn soft he makes Sesame Street look like straight gang bangers. He tries to act tough but it just doesn’t come across as that. He looks like a rich white boy who spent his money covering his body in tattoos and smoking weed because that’s cool. A guy who called out Eminem for spending millions on security is a hypocrite because he walks around trying to look tough with his own wall of body guards.Back in the day you had rappers who actually were in gangs and beefs turned into gun shots.  Tupac, B.I.G., 50 Cent, all got shot or killed because of beef relating back to their music. Remember Death Row Records? If you messed with the wrong guy you were likely to end up dead.


Now focusing on “Rap Devil”. The songs tries to show that Eminem is old, has a weird looking beard, and is out of touch with reality. While these are all true the song falls flat on its attack. I’m surprised Eminem even responded with “Killshot” because “Rap Devil” sucked. MGK sounds like a entitled little whiny bitch boy who is butt hurt from being smoked by “Not Alike”. The news is out and it says that Eminem is back in the game and he takes no prisoners. Machine Gun Kelly should end this beef because even if he doesn’t know it yet, his career is over. I heard Starbucks is hiring and they really dig those tattoos when you make the perfect skinny soy latte.


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