A Blow to Bills Mafia Bigger then Last Weeks Loss

WGRZ reports there are new rules to minimize the excessive drinking have been implemented, and Erie County Sheriff’s deputies and officers will be on the hunt for people who are drunk and disorderly at tailgates.

“Despite some of the viral videos and social media posts you’ll see, our fans in general are very good, and they are very responsible and have a good time,” Bills vice president of operations and guest experience Andy Major said. “But we want to make sure that everyone understands that we’re going to hold those folks accountable — the [small] minority of fans that do some of those things out there in the community and on game day that we feel are unsafe — we are going to take care of that with our [security] teams.”

There’s certain things in life you just can’t take away from certain people. You can’t take buffets from fat guys, booty from Stephan A Smith, candy from a kid, heroin from Demi Lovato and tables from Bills mafia!

This is robbing Buffalo of being Buffalo. Devastating news but do you think this would really stop them? No way in hell. They won’t let this hold them down, especially after they got aviscarated in week 1 by the Ravens 48-7. Now Josh Allen has to get thrown into the dumpster fire way too early and too raw for it. Delusional Bills fans want to celebrate what they believe is the coming of their messiah this week.

The table smashing is maybe the most known and original tailgate celebration in sports today. This is Bills mafia. You can’t take the activity away from one of the most rabid fan bases there is in football. How is this going to even happen? Cops going to watch every table in the parking lots? They want to join in or watch the smashing of the tables just as much. Bills mafia will not stop!

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