Randy Edsall has a Theory Why Freshman are Soft

Coach Edsall wants his kids being more comfortable being uncomfortable and he has a theory why they aren’t like kids back in the day..

“When we had to pick up the phone and we wanted to ask that girl to go out with us and dad answered the phone, then you had to deal with talking to the father,” he said. “You didn’t have to just text, ‘Hey honey, how are you, can I go out with you?’ or maybe FaceTime with them. [Today’s college kids] never had to face adversity.”

Randy Edsall sounding like a get off my lawn guy to the max. Insure this quote would want to make players play for him. Now in some ways he does have a point and then there’s new wrinkles to life they didn’t have to worry about back then.

I’ll straight up admit the thought of having to call a girls house talk to the dad about going on a date with her makes me shake in my boots like Michael J Fox. That’s sounds nerve racking. I just imagine myself picking up one of those old dial phones where you have to spin to the number then it rings and I’d just hang up in fear. Thinking it’s ok my right hand will do just fine for a bit longer. Now a days you can date a girl for months without having to meet her mom or dad. Now I’m a grade A man with class a d honor. Any girlfriends parents would love me. But that’s besides the point.

Flip side of this is your out for more shame in today’s world. You text a girl or send DMs to hit on them or ask out and your setting yourself up for embarrassment. She’ll screenshot it and send it to her friends. They’ll all sit around at a sleepover and laugh all night at you. Back in the old days you only had the old man to worry about. Now a days you have your reputation. You get outed and have to throw away that pick up line. Always need new material in 2018.

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