All time Football Guy Move: Coach Tears Bicep Celebrating


All time football guy/coach move here. In no other sport is there coaches with such passion where they are so jacked up and high off smelling salts to where they tear their bicep on a fist pump. Sadly I’d compliment him more that he set the tone and put the fire in his team but that was only after the first score of the game to go up 7-0. They eventually got walloped as expected 41-7. You can kinda tell by his face when it probably happened but he kept the football grin on cause the last thing a coach wants to do is show a sign of weakness. Your damn right hell be out there with the same passion this Friday even with one good arm. I hope he tears the other one this week.

Even though they got smoked this was a hall of fame move. Put Shawn Elliot in the football guy ring of honer. The move an pain deserves it. He has my nomination.


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