The Site’s Fantasy Football League is Set. Punishment for Last Place is BRUTAL

Took us forever to get a draft night and league set up but everything’s been finalized now and the end results are for your viewing pleasure. Now I know people don’t generally care about others fantasy teams anymore and it could be an annoying subject. But I promise you here on the site it will be noteworthy to track. 

We are playing for pride here. The rules have been set. Last place must dress in an outfit, hold a sign or try to do something talented on either the Las Vegas Strip or Fremont street as a street performer for 1 hour. The money they make in the hour will go all to the winner of the league. It will all be documented and recorded for the site.

Six teams from the six core bloggers on the site. Lets scout down the players (insult them)

  1. Myself-Bryan (Make America Gritty Again) (Former champion verse these sore losers) I run this thing. I’m the Commish, I’m the jury and judge. I’ve won before and I’ll win again. There’s always allegations and controversy when I win but should be known they are sore losers and all is FALSE.Screenshot 2018-09-12 10.15.02
  2. RP3Ghost (Double Dickie) – RP is a shady figure. Will own the trash talk and always have Tom Brady. He’s a Patriots fan that was a Dolphins fan that may root for both? RP3 is an elitist and has a long steaming rivalry with me because years ago in our last fantasy league I allegedly screwed him because he didn’t make a sub in time that would’ve won him the game. Pierre Thomas was the player in question. That’s how deep this hate goes. We’ll see if getting married made him more observant and on cue to get things done in a time frame its due by. My guess is he’ll cry wolf yet once again. If i was choosing id have him dress up in a diaper when he comes in last so he can be a cry baby loser all he wants.Screenshot 2018-09-12 10.24.32
  3. Vic (Geno 911) – This Jets fan is in love with losing just like his team. It’s a match made in heaven. Gets a couple W’s then a ton of false hope and it all crashes down on him. Also a top henchman to the conspiracy that I rigged the league for myself. If you beat him he’ll deflect with insults to the high heavens. Always something in his back pocket. Nothing would make me happier then him getting last and have to dress like a Reno 911 cop out on Fremont and make money for me. That video would live forever.        Screenshot 2018-09-12 10.15.28
  4. JJmaine (Team Aiken) – One half of the Aiken bros we have Jermaine here. Loves to piggy back on RP3 and is the last part of the wolf pack of haters that try to bring mean down. Well I am beautiful no matter what they say, words cant bring me down. This ass stole my OBJ and laughed right in my face. He’ll take your favorite players to inflict pain on your soul. Also another grade A excuse maker. Never his fault something goes wrong and allegedly remembers everything exactly how it happened even when he was 12. He’ll capture your heart as a remorseful lovable boy but its all an act cause he’s a hating cold blooded killer. Last thing you need to know about him is he’s a Lebron fan… Shall he lose id love to see him in an Michael Jordon jersey hold up a sign that Lebron sucks and MJ’s the GOAT.Screenshot 2018-09-12 10.14.44
  5. George G (Team Gforce) – I am legit scared of Gforce here. That’s physically because he’s an absolute unit and in the league. Id say he knows the least of all of us but that being said he did some research which scares the hell out of me. His team is loaded. Honestly he could beat us all up so if he loss and didn’t want to do it there’s no stopping him. But we all have honor and conduct here. If he was smart he’d get the body builder shape back up so he can just do poses on the street for an hour and impress people instead of being embarrassing. The only parent in our league so he’ll go balls to the wall to win for his child. This mofo could stand out there with his cute baby and rake in money for me that way. More money for me but not as much embarrassment. He’ll probably get laid showing off out there so I hope he doesn’t finish last. Fuck you George!screenshot-2018-09-12-10-15-15-e1536773260295.png
  6. Cindy (Cindy’s Team) – Last and quite possibly least we have our Jackie Robinson of women. The only female member with the big boy titans on the site. She is not more beneath her bloodline brother of insult RP3. They love to team up and inflict nightmare insults. Her first involvement in a fantasy league of ours. Full disclosure as Commish I take responsibility if she loses because I couldn’t get her set up with the invitation there was some sort of error. Definitely ESPN’s fault but I’m an honest Commish and take blame. Although her auto-drafted team is far better than her Pea sized eagles fan brain could pick. It be all dirty birds and they wont be dominant like last year. This is a long standing relationship we have since Kindergarten. Seeing her fail would bring me great joy. Ideas I have for her is maybe an eagle mascot outfit or a Giants jersey would look real nice on her.Screenshot 2018-09-12 10.15.52

There you have a rundown on everyone and what punishment outfit id like to see. I have no cares in calling them all out. It’s officially OPEN SEASON. Come at me, you wont.


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