Giants Game 1 Review: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Well we saw the good, the bad and of course in every Giants game… THE UGLY. If you were wondering how many sentences till Ereck Flowers gets mentioned its two! We’ll come back to him later. A crushing 20-15 loss at home to start the 2018 season. Even it was a rough L and we beat ourselves than the jaguars did there was some positives to make away. This team will not be like the corpse of a football team out was last year. (If they maintain health)

The Good


No better place to start than the man the myth the legend Odell Beckham JR. OBJ was back and better than ever. He looks stronger faster and matured. Pulling in 11 receptions for 111 yards against the scary Jaguars D and loud mouth Jalen Ramsey. He was dominating Ramsey and that’s the truth. Obviously, some receptions came in zone and against other backs buy had a fair share of action on Ramsey. To go along with the yardage he forced two PI’s and one from Ramsey.

Saquan Barkley

Saquan was bottled up most the game but did as he always does like at Penn State. Break a long one after a slow start. He’s a home run hitter for sure. On the 68-yard TD scamper it’s not like the line gave him a huge hole, he made that play on his own. Exactly what this backfield needs. Did the small things well too in pass protection, which Eli needed desperately.

Eli Manning

Eli looked like the Eli we want and have known. I can tell after 1 game he is so much more comfortable in Shurmur’s offense then he ever was with Macadoof. An average finish but a lot was left on the field that he couldn’t control. Multiple completions were taken away from him via penalties. Tipped INT at the line of scrimmage can’t do much about that. I will always have faith in Eli Manning you can fact check me I’ve never doubted him.


Jackrabbit was engaged again and what a fun site to see. After a long offseason (murder at his home) and pretty much giving up last year he came out locked in like when he shut down Dez and won the game vs the cowboys a couple years ago. Led the team in tackles, had a big interception and was a momentum swinging leader today on defense. Eli Apple was also solid. Made a few nice deflections, no penalties and never got burned. Rough first few years but maybe this 1st rd talent wont be wasted.


Couple shutouts to some rooks on D. B.J Hill and Lorenzo Carter played good all around. Made some plays and had a visible impact that Giants fans know who they are now. Defensive Coordinator called lineman Hill the most NFL ready rookie he ever coached. High praise indeed.

The Bad

Ereck Flowers

Its honestly hilarious it only took us literally 1 play from scrimmage on offense to remind the whole fan base how much Ereck Flowers just flat out SUCKS. Tripping personal foul on an OBJ catch and then follows it up with holding almost in the end zone on a 31-yard Engram grab! You couldn’t have written that up any better. He whiffed on his man that tipped the pass for the pick 6 in the 4th quarter. How he could con a new staff into a starting job is beyond me. Thanks to this 1st rd pick bum ill never trust someone named Ereck with his spelling of E-R-E-C-K. Like having two first names. Can’t trust them. I’ll stay with Erick’s from now on.

The Ugly

Random punt returner guy


Get his face etched into the memory bank. Bum! This dude they picked up on waivers this week will most likely be gone tomorrow morning.  Can’t screw up that bad and not give your team a shot. Looked like he misjudged it and muffed so bad. He said earlier in the week he’s going to put fear in opposing teams. Whelp you only put fear into your own team. Sad. Pack your bags Clay. Give me Hunter Sharp back please.


A couple drops today and was hoping not to see that after they led the league last year in team drops. Help your quarterback out. Engram had one that hurt and another that was nullified cause of a penalty that help but still loss of yardage. The most damning one was on their final drive courtesy of Sterling Sheppard. A crossing route that would’ve made it 3rd and short or a first down and he couldn’t bring it in. Of course next two plays went nowhere and a turnover on downs which essentially ended the game.


It what was most certainly going to come down to a close game and the Giants had to burn a timeout at the start of the second half. Always a bad sign having to call one without the clock moving. Not really anybody to blame though… Eli’s helmet speaker stopped working of course and he couldn’t hear the play from the sidelines. That forced a timeout that of course would’ve been helpful at the end of the game when they had to preserve as much time as possible. Of course the kick returner pissed away the opportunity but it would’ve stung a lot more of there was an extra 40 seconds on the clock


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