US Open Fan Dips her Chicken Finger in…

Sorry kid but your mom is a psycho. Who in their right mind dips a chicken finger into coke?! What country is this! At the US open no less! What is she training to be in a chicken finger eating contest. How in the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest they dip into water/lemonade to break down the bun. Unreal move. Does she show her kids and teach them this way too? Are they also coke dippers? I need answers. I hope little Johnny there was using a real condiment.

The gold standard on condiments for chicken is 100% honey mustard. Everything thing else comes after. One thing I will always stand up and fight for.


My top 5 chicken finger condiments:

1. Honey Mustard

2. Canes sauce (raising canes)

3. Barbecue sauce

4. Ranch

5. Ketchup

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