College Football Week 1 Round Up

Alright we’re rounding it up! Every week I’ll recap the most important things and notable plays from the weekend.

Exciting Finishes/Upsets

Not too many exciting games this week but that usually doesn’t happen till conference play since 75% of ranked teams play cupcakes. All major upsets were evaded as well sadly. Only one to take note of was Appalachian State vs Penn State. No matter how bad everyone wanted to see Appalachian St strike gold twice now on the 11 year anniversary of their win over Michigan in Ann Arbor. Fun fact for ya App St now a D-1 school after the expansion a couple years go. Pride of the Sun Belt conference.

Screenshot 2018-09-03 11.11.49

This game saw 6 4th quarter Touchdowns. Just wild. A 28 point quarter by App st to finish the rally and actual took the lead with 1:47 to go!

Then before you could blink Penn State tied it up. Clutch throw with pressure all up in McSorley’s face

After an easy Penn State OT touchdown App State needed 7 and this leaping INT sealed the deal and kept Penn State out of Appalachian State lore.

Shout out to the Penn State fans for giving Appalachian a standing O as they came off the field post game.


This started last year in Iowa, when the 3rd goes to the 4th quarter all the fans/players/refs wave to the kids in the children’s hospital that views over the game. If you don’t get goosebumps watching this… your pretty fucked up!

Country Roads

Return of the best fight song/tradition after game. I actually don’t know if its their fight song and probably not since the band does not play it but it should be. All time Jam.


This smoke was trapped in a glass case of emotion and just couldn’t hold it in. My type of girl right here, wears the emotion for her team on the sleeve. If you are or want to become a New York Giants fan Elizabeth, hit me up! @brybonn on the gram. #ShootersShoot

Saban MAD

Wahh don’t ask me why I’m scared to name a starting QB. Pouty Saban after they destroyed Louisville.

Referees Falling

Always an A+ laugh when a ref hits the deck. Impossible not too and we dont feel sorry about it at all. Had 3 pretty good ones this opening week. These refs needed training camp.

All the way at the end of App state KO return

Keep an eye out for the yard markers!

Top Plays

Here are some top plays according to the four letter company

One that i need to highlight from that package was the Toledo Punt block/return?! Not sure how it should go down but I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Last and was left off the list was this amazing grab by Notre Dame Wide Out over 2 “Michigan Men”

That’s a wrap on Week 1! Fun season ahead. Also don’t forget to check out our weekly picks blog. If you didn’t see it on time this week… well you missed out on some free money.

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