Nick Saban has Gone Soft

“I think we have two guys that are weapons, and they’ve both played well, so the plan is to play both guys in the game,” Saban said

Come Nicky now don’t be so soft now. Really both Quarterbacks are your choice? Can’t grow some stones and pick one? As great as Bama has been Saban has never really found a replacement for AJ McCarran. So much talent on both sides of the ball but no confidence in one QB. The play here is definitely the Sophomore Tua. We all saw that throw that won the title.

He is more talented then the inconsistent Jalen Hurts. Surprised he didn’t transfer after the title game. Credit to Hurts though for always saying the right thing since right after the title game. We’ll see how long he goes like this. But we can’t deny Nick Saban is getting SOFT at his old age. Don’t hurt one of their feelings Nicky. Only defense would be Saban is calling his shot. Being 24 point favorites hes so confident they’ll blow Louisville out that he can play both since the game would be out of hand.

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