Kobe Going Double Hands Handshake is an Outrageous Move

Has Kobe lost touch this much after only being retired for a couple years? Two hands here is a crazy move. De’Aaron Fox just trying to take a cool picture at the Nike event with Kobe and it looks awkward as hell. There’s only certain situations you see or expect this. A really old person, some grandma and grandpa type shit. High School or College graduation when your shaking hands on stage getting your diploma, receiving an award form someone, if you’re getting knighted in England. You can add to that now apparently with when you take a picture with Kobe Bryant.

We all have someone weather it’s a friend or a co-worker that the handshake or fist bump move always goes wrong. Usually this occurrence happens between two white males or a white male and other race. Need a globally fluid move that everyone knows what’s happening going into it. Nothing more awkward for two grown men. There’s a guy at my work who I get excited every time I see him but it’s always a miscommunication on the handshake. Been years now and we still don’t have a go to move.

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