OBJ is Now Officially Highest Paid Receiver in NFL

Its great day to be Odell Beckham JR and a fan of the New York Football Giants.

The long and over a year back and forth between the two are finally settled and can focus on football now.

This is a great deal for both. Beckham got highest paid as he wanted and the Giants have arguably the most talented receiver in the league secured. As a Giants fan I couldn’t be happier. To all the fraud rumors of him getting traded to teams like the pathetic Browns and the rising Rams we can all laugh at that now. I never put much stock in the rumors because no way you let a talent like this walk. It was plenty awkward with owner John Mara not guaranteeing he’ll be on the team. A few dumb quotes that fed the media like crazy.

Screenshot 2018-08-27 12.14.49

As you can see OBJ now passes Antonio Brown for highest annual salary. Also blows the rest of the field out in the top 10 on guaranteed money percentage, Beckham coming in at 68.4 percent. Very rightfully deserved. Be hard to believe during the next bargaining agreements the players don’t fight for fully guaranteed deals only like in the MLB. Of course as contracts go in a couple years he’ll be 3rd or 4th because every year it goes up and up.

His fellow Giants teammates showed their support by having an all out dance party in the locker room.

Love to see this. Everyone celebrating the success of a teammate. Never hear a bad word spoken about Beckham by anyone in the organization. Some would say why they would be so happy it takes away possible money from them. I don’t think any player believes that. That’s their friend they know how good he is and how hard he works to be the best. You think if the Giants traded him in the off-season Sterling Sheppard would be thinking about he may get a few million more in a couple years when he’s eligible for an extension? No way. Happy team means more chemistry and more W’s.


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