I Will Not be Allowing this “Mamba Day” BS

This is the dumbest thing ever. Fucking Mamba day are you serious? So ironic that it just so happened to fall on the day right after Kobe Bean Bryant’s birthday! So we get to watch ESPN slurp him up two days in a row! How awesome.


I was confused earlier this afternoon cause I kept seeing the hashtag Mamba day everywhere (mainly ESPN accounts and Kobe fan boys) and it was driving me nuts. Thought they were trying to make his birthday into two days. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Just because he switched his number they make this shit up for him.  If your keeping track at home they had three Instagram posts on him yesterday and four today! Agonizing. We need to figure out how to make 23/45 into a day so we can celebrate Jordan some more too! 34/32 day for Shaq. Everyone should have a day! How bout my favorite one lets’s respect Kobe’s uncle the legendary Chubby Cox day! Born December 29th. That will officially be Chubby Cox day and we will celebrate it here!


A fair reminder that if you get accused of something or pay someone off for assault whatever but your really good at your job they’ll forgive you! I wouldn’t say I’m a Kobe hater at all. I respect his killer instinct and he was a joy to watch. We all make mistakes and in 2003 that wasn’t a big mistake as it would be now. Can only imagine if a mega star had a case like that and how would it go.

Happy Mamba Day!


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