Hilarious Move by LA Area Restaurant Pulled on Justin Verlander

Absolutely love this move. Its new and funny. Never has a restaurant thrown something like that on a tab and we all know Verlander has a sense of humor. But was he really a Dodger killer? I mean in the world series he had a 3.75 ERA over 12 innings. Nothing crazy and didn’t record a win. But he was on the team and did contribute so guess that qualifies him.

What if this was a real thing restaurants can charge for certain guys. The old saying when a player does something iconic for their team is “he’ll never have to buy a beer in [insert city here] again!” Feel like that’s old and in the past now. We need to start saying the opposite. Like Michael Jordan hitting the step back (offensive foul) over Byron Russell we’d say “he’ll never be able to buy dinner in Salt Lake anymore!” Of course for MJ a million dollar GOAT tax isn’t anything to him. I’d Support this tax law to pass.

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