The New Las Vegas Stadium for the Raiders Will Allegedly Have a Jail AND Courtroom?

Apparently there are going to be some unique additions to the newest NFL stadium…


Small jail and courtroom?! Love it. Prove we have the baddest fans in the world coming here to Vegas. Don’t try to hide it, embrace it. Of course we all know way back in the day at Veterans stadium in trash Philadelphia they had a jail for all that Philly scum. Add the courtroom to the mix for the boys (and women) of the black hole is an even better idea. Get them processed thru the court of law and out of there before the games over. We’ll need our very own Judge Judy in there. This could turn into a T.V show. Standing there a man in his 40’s with face paint on, possibly involved in a gang going on the stand. Sign me up! Put it on Tru TV so I don’t miss the first day of March Madness anymore every year since i’ll know what channel Tru TV is now.

Now were going too far with these rules and examples. Its the Raiders, its Vegas let them go wild. Make an example of really? This thing needs to feel like a party like Golden Knights games. I went to one and it was completely different then any other atmosphere before. That’s just the regular season! Plus some of the best content comes out of fights at stadiums. This is a part of the fan experience. Everyone will just watch at home in their air condition or heater on with the Redzone channel. Keep the in-stadium experience natural! How is little Timmy and his overreacting vanilla dad suppose to teach him life experiences?? He doesn’t see fights in his neighborhood.

Heeeeey!!! Help!!! All time stadium fight clip. True father son love.


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