Free Beer Cleveland! Well… Maybe

UPDATE: Week 3 is the answer! Thanks to the God damn Jets! Enjoy the brew Cleveland!

Put a smile on browns fans, victory fridges are here! Now you have a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow! Love this move by bud light. Some companies just get it. Locking away some beer for when the Dawg Pound finally gets a W and can unleash. Best part is you know it will be a few weeks at least before this W comes (if they ever win again). That free beer is going to be teasing the hell out of poor Cleveland. I fully predict someone to break into it when their still without a win come November. We need Bud Light to sponsor a damn parade when they win one. If they go 0-16 AGAIN, then owner Jimmy Haslem should own up to it and buy all of Cleveland some free brew.

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