Baseball Bets of the Day

Adding on to our around the clock sports coverage will be gambling picks, advice, trends and strategies. After all betting was a big reason why I moved to Vegas. Been fairly successful in the sports betting world and would love to drop knowledge on everyone and info you don’t get anywhere else.

Usually the MLB has a case of the Mondays with it typically being a slow day (as well as Thursdays) due to it being a big travel day after the weekend slate. Ill try to give out a good value parlay, favorite, underdog, run line favorite and an over/under to keep an eye on. Don’t worry ill keep track on the blog of how great average I do so there isn’t any questions. the lines that I will use for all bets will be the VI consensus on VegasInsider Accurate for both Vegas and offshore books.




 Seattle Mariners 69-50 @ Oakland A’s 70-48 (-125)

A’s have good value tonight being a slight favorite at home vs the traveling Mariners. Seattle   is coming off a 4 game sweep of the defending champs Astros in Houston. Their first 4 game sweep of a time since ’04. Very impressive after a 2-7 stint. This being Seattle’s 3rd straight road series look for those miles to add up on them. As you’ll learn i’m a pessimist. Love picking against teams that have had recent unusual success. What goes up must come down as they say. An even pitching match-up as well with both pitchers having an ERA in the 3’s. These division foes haven’t met since may 24th. Mariners are as fake as an 69-50 team gets being -22 in season run differential even though their 19 games over .500




Toronto Blue Jay’s 53-64 @ Kansas City Royals 35-82 (+114)

Not many times will I tell you to piss away money on a team 47 games under but a broken clock is right two times a day and the Royals will win 30% of the time. Tonight is one of those nights! Sean Reid-Foley making his MLB debut tonight which gives KC some good luck at home I think. Royals are 1-9 in their last 10 so back to my theory of things in the universe leveling out. My friends in Missouri are due for a W vs the inexperienced 22 year old.

Run Line Favorite

Skipping this one tonight. With a half set of games and my lack of confidence in most these teams tonight sometimes you just have to lay off. Quality over quantity my friends. This goes for sports betting and finding a woman.


Zack Greinke

Under (9.5) Arizona Diamondbacks @ Texas Rangers

Grienke vs Big Sexy (Bartolo Colon) expect this to be an unusual low scoring game in the humid Texas night. Only 2 of the D’backs last 10 games have gone into double digit runs. Offense has been slumping for the snakes from the desert. Expect Grienke to hold the Rangers to 3 or under and I dont see them scoring more than 5.



Detroit (-105) Angels (-105) Diamondbacks (-170) Combined odds (+505)

Ill try to keep these parlays between 2-5 at the most but 3 is the lucky number. Tigers at home (31-28) vs the lowly White Sox who are dreadful home or away. Angels taking a short trip down to home of Ron Burgandy, San Diego. They should have a whale of a time vs the 5+ ERA of Clayton Richard. Look for the halos to hit even on the season tonight. Last piece to the parlay puzzle is those power outage D’backs. Texas has been a great team to play this year to turn it around. Any time you can get them under -180 with Grienke on the bump take the value. Arizona is 7-3 in his last 10 starts


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